Can I Ban Myself From Online Gambling?

Online gambling can be an enjoyable hobby, but for some it can become addictive and lead to money worries and conflicts at home. Thankfully, there are ways of restricting or stopping one’s gambling such as deposit limits or cooling off periods; these methods may not always work though as these measures may be easily circumvented; others need a complete ban – self-exclusion may be the solution here.

Can I Stop Gambling While many gamble without incident, for others it can become dangerous and even problematic. The addictive nature of online sports betting and casino gaming makes many people unable to control their spending habits; neuroscience research has demonstrated this problem to be not due to lack of willpower or discipline but something biological that requires treatment to overcome.

One effective way to stop online gambling is through a self-exclusion program, which enables you to request that gambling operators not allow you to gamble for a specified period – typically six months to five years. All gambling operators are legally obliged to offer this feature through either their site or app, though some require you to apply in person.

Every state offers some sort of self-exclusion program, and each varies slightly in terms of how it operates. Some, like Pennsylvania, allow individuals to self-exclude from all casino operators with one application; Colorado allows for individual self-exclusion at each individual casino. Before taking this step, however, it’s crucial that they carefully research and understand their state’s program in detail before moving forward with it.

There are also independent, third-party websites that provide self-exclusion services, which tend to be cheaper and simpler than state programs; as they can be used across devices. Freedom is such a website which uses software programs that block you from accessing gambling websites or apps on computers, tablets or mobile phones; you can set recurring block sessions at specific times during the day or opt for an unlimited block session that blocks all gambling websites or apps simultaneously.

As another option, consulting a gambling counsellor for free, confidential advice and support may also be useful. They can assist with managing gambling problems, setting budgets and devising plans to stop spending; additionally they may recommend treatment programs or refer you to professional helplines in your area. If gambling has begun negatively affecting your health or wellbeing, call 1800 GAMBLER now and speak with a counsellor – this service is anonymous and completely confidential!

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