Will Travel on the Lansdale-Doylestown Line Be Affected Today?

SEPTA’s Regional Rail system will be extremely crowded today, as about 50% of its regular capacity has been eliminated due to unexpected outages. SEPTA urges riders to evaluate all available travel options and consider shifting travel earlier or later in the day for optimal experience.

The LANSDALE/DOYLESTOWN line serves as the main north-south route in Montgomery and Bucks counties, heavily trafficked by ridership that has steadily increased year over year. As it provides quick travel from Center City to Doylestown at low costs; during weekdays there are hourly headways from Lansdale station, with peak-hour expresses and limiteds occasionally operating as well. On weekends the entire line runs all the way to Doylestown.

This route begins as two tracks and one station at Lansdale before swiftly curving northeast into Bucks County and entering residential neighborhoods along its route, stopping at stations such as Fortuna, Colmar, Link Belt Chalfont New British College Delaware Valley College where commuters frequent. Next it crosses Tookany Creek Park on a high bridge before arriving in Lawndale in Montgomery County with two low side platforms and mini high platforms which may become busy during certain times.

Once in Bucks County, the line moves through an increasingly suburban landscape with stops at Curtis Park, Sharon Hill, Folcroft Glenolden and Norwood being heavily trafficked. Crossing several old highway overpasses and meandering through various small communities that have developed around stations along its path; finally entering Doylestown at Moore-Prospect Park where passengers are welcomed by an impressive brick terminal building is welcomed with open arms by passengers.

There is plenty of parking at this station and it is easy to catch an outbound train from here. Incoming trains usually travel a shorter distance but are less crowded as they stop further along at University City. Prior to 1981, this line was part of Bethlehem Branch with diesel-powered RDCs going further, providing service all the way into Quakertown and Allentown; proposals have been discussed but none have made progress past discussion stage; currently budget cutters consider this line expendable because there are other viable transportation alternatives for trips into and from Center City.