How Do You Play the HD Lottery Game Lucky Loot?

Launch yourself into the magical world of LUNA with her adorable guardians, now recreated in a charming art style! This casual game can help pass time while waiting for friends or commuting to work – it is sure to entertain and occupy.

Play LUNA on PC to avoid leaving thumbprints all over your smartphone’s display and to experience an immersive gaming experience via BlueStacks.

Odds of winning

As a lottery player, it is vital to understand your chances of success. Although you cannot predict whether or not you will win, taking steps to increase them is still possible; buying tickets with higher odds is one approach; another may be to steer clear of numbers already drawn – although this won’t directly increase them; rather it reduces the chance that someone else will share in any prize that may come your way.

LUCKY LOOT is a $5 Fast Play game with top prizes of $150,000. When your NUMBERS match any of the Winning Numbers, you win that prize(s). Revealing either the SHAMROCK symbol and win $50 or 10X symbol and winning ten times what was shown will result in even larger rewards; payments come either as either 20 year annuities or one-time gross cash payments and odds for winning top prize are 1 in 3.49; prize refill automatically after each purchase of Fast Play games!


The $5 Lucky Loot lottery scratchoff game features multiple prizes of $150,000 each, awarded either as 20-year annuities or one-time gross cash options. Available to be purchased at participating retailers and lottery vending machines, chances of winning prizes in this scratchoff depend on how many numbers match up with each Four Leaf Clover number; should all four numbers match up then that prize will be won!