How to Hack Gas Station Slot Machines With Your Phone

how to hack gas station slot machines with phone

At any gas station or convenience store, it’s likely you will come across what appear to be slot machines. They can be an enjoyable way of killing time while possibly making some extra cash while doing it, yet many worry they encourage gambling addiction and could create dangerous distractions while driving. Other complaints have focused on whether these machines are as clean and fair as those found in casinos; regardless of your stance on this topic one thing remains certain: hacking or cheating these machines is illegal.

There is no known way for mobile phone users to beat the odds on these machines with their phone. There may be some older methods which might work, but modern machines have been specifically designed to detect such tricks and will no longer pay out if caught.

One trick still effective on some machines involves using a thin wire to hook into the payout switch of the machine. However, this should not be attempted unless one feels comfortable tampering with their machine.