Do Not Research Vacation Hotel Too Much

do not research vacation hotel too much

Avoid Over-Research of Vacation Hotel

Travel is top of mind for many Americans this season and experts anticipate the upcoming summer months may set new room occupancy records, according to the president and chief executive officer of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. In March alone, nearly 3 Million Americans took off work to spend more time off.

As it seems, travelers typically spend too much time researching hotel options before planning their getaways, which may cause unnecessary stress and lead them to book the wrong resort or dates, according to a recent study.

One study shows that two out of three vacationers feel overwhelmed when searching for their ideal hotel, leading them to book incorrect destinations or dates due to too much research – a truly tragic statistic, given that vacations should be about relaxing rather than stressing!

There are simple strategies you can employ to avoid falling into the do-too-much research trap and wasting hours of vacation time on research that is unnecessary or overdone. Below are a few helpful suggestions from the Better Business Bureau serving Western Virginia that will make booking your hotel and vacation as stress-free as possible:

Assuming you’re an inexperienced traveler, it may not make sense to book both flights and accommodations at once. Instead, it may be beneficial to book airfare six to seven weeks ahead and reserve accommodations closer to the date of your trip; that way you will increase the odds of finding the most competitive prices on both.