Does the US Pay For Israeli Health Care?

does the us pay for israeli health care

Recent viral video showing Israelis traveling to the US for medical procedures for free, such as organ donations, has caused many Americans to ask: does the us pay for Israeli health care? As it turns out, no; but millions given each year to Israel by America could indirectly supplement their healthcare system.

Israel’s healthcare system is an ingenious combination of government-provided universal coverage and private supplemental insurance options that enables citizens to select services according to their preferences. This unique approach has resulted in one of the world’s most efficient healthcare systems.

Most Israelis are enrolled in one of four Kupot Holim, or health funds, across the country. Each health fund receives public funding from Bituah Leumi – National Insurance Institute – using a capitation formula that takes various factors into consideration when allocating public funding. Each health fund also enjoys considerable flexibility when spending public funding so long as members will gain access to basic health service basket.

Public services offered under this umbrella “basket” of services encompass basic medical treatment and prescription medication, hospitalizations and emergency rooms visits, ambulatory surgery procedures, comprehensive diagnostic tests, free dental and orthodontic treatments for children as well as mental health treatment services. In addition, four health funds offer their subscribers additional supplementary insurance that expands coverage; such plans often cover second opinions from specialists, surgeries performed in private facilities both domestically and overseas, vaccinations/medical testing/alternative medicine services etc.

Israel boasts both public healthcare system as well as numerous private health insurers that offer both supplemental and comprehensive plans to their customers. While similar offerings might overlap with Medicare Advantage plans in the United States, Israel’s market offers competitive premiums that provide them with access to various options available in Israel.

Some critics have suggested that the U.S.’s substantial military aid to Israel would be better used to fund its expanding healthcare system. Unfortunately, however, military spending cannot be entirely eliminated without jeopardizing national security; thus Israel must allocate its resources between defense and healthcare to ensure the well-being and safety of its people.