Virginia Lottery – What Game is Played in Friday Night’s Drawing?

what game is played in virginia lotto friday night

The Virginia Lottery offers a diverse range of games, ranging from traditional draw and state-only draws to scratcher and fast play options. There are also Bluetooth enabled lottery retailers where you can find these e-games; access them with your wallet pre-loaded on a smartphone device for additional fun!

On Friday night, Virginia Lottery winners included 10 17 18 40 66 and Powerball 16. The second prize jackpot amounted to $209 Million while first prize was shared between two winners and won on one ticket.

Virginia permits lottery prize winners 180 days to claim their prizes before winning tickets expire and tax withholding increases depending on whether or not the winner is an US resident or citizen; non-resident winners have more withheld taxes from their payout.

Since its inception, the Virginia Lottery has raised millions for schools. Over $10 billion has been collected since its introduction. About one-third of K-12 education funding in Virginia comes from lottery proceeds; this money can be used for anything from child nutrition programs to early reading intervention.

One of the Virginia Lottery’s most beloved games, Cash 5, features an extensive prize pool and can be found across numerous locations. First introduced as part of Powerball multi-state lottery in 2010, this cash 5 game quickly became one of the lottery’s signature offerings.

This draw game is straightforward to play, with six numbers drawn from a pool of 40 and a bonus ball drawn from 26. Players can choose their own numbers or use Quick Pick. Furthermore, for $1 extra they can add Power Play which multiplies any non-jackpot winnings by an unpredictable amount.

Virginia Lottery online games feature various payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. In addition, their website hosts an FAQ page to address frequently asked questions. Alternatively, players can download their official app to access games on smartphones.

What Are My Odds of Winning the Virginia Lottery? While Virginia’s Lottery may not offer as high odds of success as others’ do, it still offers you a chance to make extra cash using proven strategies. The Lottery offers you a way to boost your bank account quickly!

Covington man was delighted to find out he had won the lottery this week! After purchasing a 20X the Money scratcher at Stop In on Durant Street and winning $1 Million prize! His prize can be taken out over 30 years or all at once, and some of it may go towards his church. Furthermore, Stop In was awarded with a $10,000 bonus by Lottery!

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