How to Get Free Chips in Pop Slots Game App

Pop Slots Game App is a casino game in which chips act as virtual currency for spinning slot machines without spending real money. However, without proper bankroll management techniques such as time bonuses, daily rewards and loyalty points players could quickly run out of chip money and find themselves without chips to use on slots machines. To prevent this happening they should employ proper bankroll management, use auto spin with caution, as well as set a stop loss limit so they know when spending too much.

Pop Slots tournaments provide another avenue to earn free chips; as players rise through their ranks, they earn more free chips. Furthermore, Loyalty Points and XP can be earned while playing which can then be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

As an additional way of earning free chips in pop slots, visiting various websites that provide bonuses is another effective method. Such websites typically provide between one and two million free chips; however, it is wise to be wary when selecting them, as some contain malware and viruses which could compromise your system. Therefore, always go with reliable sites offering safe promotions.

Not only can players claim daily prizes, but every two hours they can also take advantage of an additional reward by logging into the game and tapping on “Time Bonus” icon on their screen. To maximize this benefit, they should enable phone notification settings and set an alert every two hours to login and tap Time Bonus icon.

Pop Slots players can also earn free chips by filling up the “Shared” Balloons at the bottom-right of their screens, which allow users to share either XP or chips with one another – though this method might not provide as many free chips, it still serves as an effective means of earning extra financial support.

Pop slots players can also earn free chips by referring their friends. This is a great way to help newcomers join and encourage them to keep playing regularly; once enough people have been brought on board, players will earn 10,000 free chips as rewards! Players can take part in contests and giveaways hosted by the game to win even more free chips, simply by following its official social media accounts. They will notify them of any contests taking place as well as daily rewards available. To participate in these contests, players must first log onto their Facebook accounts. After doing so, they can click on free chip links that provide rewards – each one is valid for a set number of chips that automatically appear on the player’s page – in order to collect rewards more frequently and increase the odds of success. It is recommended that players collect these free chip links frequently so as to increase the chance of success!

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